Coaching clients through this bear market? 

Timeline's powerful visualisation of historical market events can help put things in perspective for clients.

Visualising Bull and Bear Markets

FTSE All Share is down 30% in the last month*. But did you know the average bear market for UK Equity lasts 20 months, and bottomed out after a 37% decline!

The reality is, this type of capital market decline is a feature, not a bug. It may feel different but so far, it’s very well within the range of historical scenarios.

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Advisers, you were put on this earth for times like these!

For many clients, the current market downturn is a big cause for concern. There is no better time for advisers step in and provide reassurance. The bear market is when you earn your keep!

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From bull and bear markets to recessions and major events, Timeline charts provides a colourful perspective on risk and return using empirical data going back to 1926. 

And if you want to go a step further to reassure your clients that their retirement journey is robust, then use Timelineapp to model their retirement journey, testing each and every one of those scenarios going back over 100-yrs! 

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UK Summary

Growth of Wealth Chart

Political Parties & Events

Asset Class Return Quilt

Return of the Decade

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*Correct as of 23rd March 2020